Academic Calendar

July 2019- June 2020

2nd July 2019 Commencement of classes for UG and PG followed by Induction Sessions for 1st year students
6th July 2019 Tree Plantation
August/ September 2018 Cultural week ( selections for youth festival) and Fresher Party
September 3rd Week CCE for  PG PG: 1st and 3rd Semester
07/10/19 to 09/10/19 Dusshera Holidays
3rd  week of October Internal Assessment -1 of UG
26/10/19 to 30/10/19 Diwali Holidays
4th  week of October to 2nd week of November Final Practical –  PG 1st and 3rd Semester
Third week of November to Third week of December 2019. Semester End Exams – PG: 1st, 3rd Semester
3rd week of December Internal Assessment -2 of UG
25/12/18 to 1/1/19 Winter Break
2/1/19 Commencement of classes
February 2019 Annual Function
Second week of March 2019 CCE 1- PG: 2nd and 4th Semester
2nd and 3rd week of March  2019 Final Practical of UG
21/3/19 to 22/3/19 Holi Holidays
Last week of 1st  April 2019 to 15th May 2019 Final Exams of UG classes
First and second week of April 2019 Final Practical/ viva: –  PG: 2nd, 4th Semester
Last week of April to May 2019 Semester End Examination – PG: 2nd, 4th Semester


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