Department of Botany

Botany is one of the  important branches of life sciences primarily because it is the scientific study of plants, which is very useful in many aspects of human life and from which other branches of life sciences has originated.

The Department is one of the founder departments presently forgoing ahead with  UG & PG courses, setting new land marks in teaching and learning. Several research projects sponsored by UGC & MPCST have been conducted successfully.

Keeping pace with the advanced knowledge, the Department has updated the curriculum according to the current need of the society and has introduced the skill based certificate courses. The Department has sufficient infrastructure and expert faculty in different fields of Plant Sciences, mycology, bacteriology, Plant Pathology, Mycology, Plant Physiology, Ethnobotany, Ecology, Plant Physiology, Agricultural & Microbiology, Plant Biotechnology, Plant tissue culture and Environmental Science.

The Herbal Hub of the department comprises of  large number of medicinal plants. In addition to teaching, the faculty members are also engaged in research that have added immense value to the academic milieu. They counsel the students to ensure their multi-dimensional development. The department establishes scientific collaboration with different research institutes and research labs to make the students aware of the recent developments in different areas of Botany/lifesciences and their applications.


Under Graduate Courses

  • B.Sc. Biology- Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. (CBZ)

  • B.Sc.  Microbiology- Biochemistry/Chemistry, Botany and Microbiology ,

  • B.Sc Biotechnology- Chemistry, Biotechnology and Botany

Post Graduate Courses

  • M.Sc. in Botany

Certificate skill oriented Courses

  • Mushroom Cultivation

  • Organic Farming


Lab facilities:

  • 03 computers with Internet facility

  • One LCD projector

  • One printer

  • Departmental Library

  • Book bank

  • E-Notes

  • Question Bank

  • Practical protocols

  • News letters

  • Large Number of Scientific /Technical Journals (Print as well as Online)

Advanced Instrumention facilities:

  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

  • Microfuge

  • Centrifuge

  • Orbital Shaker Incubator

  • Binocular Microscope

  • Projection Microscope

  • Digital motic microscope

  • Laminar Air flow

  • Microtome



  • UGC sponsored National Seminar organized: on ‘Current Trends in the field of Biodiversity and Sustainable use of Natural Resources’. 16-17thNovember 2009.

  • UGC sponsored National Workshop organized on ‘Developing Horizons in Microbiological Tools and Techniques’. 20-21st Feb 2013.

  • Science Academies’ New Delhi, sponsored Lecture workshop Fruits of Biotechnology on 18-19 th Aug 2017.

  • Madhya Pradesh Science & Technology, Bhopal sponsored National Science Day was celebrated on 28 th Feb 2018.


  1. Major Thrust Area / Divisions of Research
  • Mycology

  • Bacteriology

  • Mushroom cultivation

  • Vermicomposting

  • Organic farming

  • Environmental Sciences

  • Phytochemical analysis of plant products

  • Plant Pathology

The Research activities :

The Department of Botany aims for excellence in research and embraces two core areas: Biodiversity and Environment conservation.

  • Survival and ecology of soil microbes including their biotic interactions under different soil conditions.
  • Isolation, Characterization and utilisation of bacterial isolates from hydrocarbon/pesticide contaminated soils.
  • Phytochemistry and bioactive evaluation of natural products in relation to their antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Isolation and identification of bacterial & fungal isolates.
  • Management of plant diseases.
  • Use of different organic manures for farming.
  • Mushroom cultivation.

Research supervisors

  • Dr Ranu Singh supervisor in Botany & Microbiology.
  • Dr Monika Dhagat in Environmental Sciences
  • Dr Meenal Budholia Rehman in Botany & Microbiology.

Ph.D scholars

    • Dr Aparna Awasthi registered scholar under Dr Ranu Singh has been awarded

Ph.D in 2014.

    • Mr. Aashaq Hussain registered scholar under Dr Ranu Singh has submitted his Ph.D Thesis in March 2019

Research projects completed

  • Minor research projects: Completed – 09

  • Major research projects: Completed – 02

 Faculty Publications

  • Large number of Research papers of faculty members published in International & National journals

  • Lab manuals-7

  • Souvenir of seminar/workshop manual published: 02

Departmental Awards/Recognition

  • Faculty awards: 01

  • Students awards: 5

  • Under the aegies of Department, Science Club which is affiliated to Vigyan Prasar has been  upgraded to Bronze category in all India level due to its remarkable contribution in creating science awareness programs.

Events /Activities organised

  • Environmental Awareness Programmes

  • Industrial / academic institute visits

  • Student exchange programme

  • Educational trips and Excursion trips to farms, Nature parks etc.

  • Health awareness programme

  • Workshop on Mushroom cultivation

  • Workshop on methods of Organic farming

  • Workshop on making Ecofriendly Ganeshji idols

  • Workshop on Ecofriendly Holi herbal colours

  • Medicinal/herbal plant awareness programme

  • Medicinal/herbal plant identification workshop

  • Cleanliness drive/sanitation awareness programmes

  • Soil & water analysis

  • Fungal & Bacterial identification workshops

  • National Science day celebration along with others special days like Birth anniversary of Scientists, world forestry day etc.

  • Plantation in and around the college

  • Guest lectures by eminent scientists.

Other important features

  • The department has got the facility for Dissertation and Research work.

  • ICT oriented teaching and learning process

  • Innovative practicals

  • Extension activities along with Science club affiliated to Vigyan Prasar, New Delhi.

  • Computer and internet facility

  • Seminars and tutorials for students

  • Feedback (teachers and syllabus) from students, Alumnae, Parents, subject and industrial experts


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Dr. Ranu Singh H.O.D M.Sc. , Ph.D. [email protected] Profile
Dr. Monika Dhagat Asst. Professor M.Sc , Ph.D [email protected] Profile
Dr. Meenal Rehman Asst. Professor M.Sc. , Ph.D. [email protected] Profile