Dr. Annapurna Shrivastava

Assistant Professor (Economics)

Email : [email protected]

Contact : 9098747126

Dr. Annapurna Shrivastava, Assistant Professor (Economics)

Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidhyalaya, Jabalpur (M.P.)

Area of specialization: Industrial Economics, International Trade foreign exchange and Tariffs, micro economics, development and planning.

Qualification: M.A. in Economics (First Division) Pt. Ravi Shankar Sukla University, Raipur (C.G.)

M.Ed. (First Division) Govt. P.S.M. College, Jabalpur (M.P.)

Ph.D. from Shri Satya Sai University, Sehore (M.P.)

Email : [email protected]

Brief Profile :

Address: 479, Ram Nagar, Rampur, Jabalpur

Status : Married

Experience : 8 years experience (Assistant Professor Economies).



Paper publication in journal.

  1. The quest quarterly (Cyber warfare policy & strategy of Indian.

  2. The importance of production or basmati Rice Development ISSN(o) 2455-66-8 Volume- I, II, 2016.

  3. A Study of child Crime Based on Social and Economic Reason 2016- ISSNo.2455-66-88 Volume-I, III

  4. A educational and economical study on Muslim women. 2017 Volume-III

  5. A study of educational adjustment on Girls 2017- Volume-III

Research Papers in Books:

Research journal of social and life science “Development and empowerment of women” 14-12-2015, ISSN-0973-3914, ISBN-978-81-97364-66-5

Conference + Seminar attended:

National Seminar attended

  1. Economic Growth of India and China strategic Differences on Chinas Economic Relation with India on overview.

Organized by G.S. College of commerce and economics, Jabalpur (M.P.)

Seminar held on 20th and 21st April 2012.

  1. Inclusive Growth and role of micro small scale “Industrial Section” organized bys the department of economics St. Aloysius College (Autonomous) Jabalpur (M.P.) 5th and 6th October 2012.

  2. Empowerment of women through Gender Budgeting status of women empowerment in India”.

Organized by:- Department of commerce Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya (Autonomous) Jabalpur 30th Nov. to 1st Dec. 2012.

  1. Emerging picture of Madhya Pradesh on World Tourism map organized by: G.S. College of commerce and economics, Jabalpur (M.P.) Nov. 22nd and 23rd 2013.

National Conference:

Impact of Global warming on Bio Diversity and its conservation” Organized by: Department of Botany N.S.C.B. Govt. Girls College, Seoni (M.P.), Present status and future strategy on 7th March 2017.

National workshop:

Research paper written and analysis”  organized by: Govt. Mahakoshal Art and Commerce Autonomous College, Jabalpur (M.P.) 14th to 16 January 2016.


R.R.M.I. proficiency certificate 1995, Research mordent involve during.

R.R.M.I. proficiency certificate 1996.