Certificate Course In Web Designing And Development

Certificate course in Web designing and development
  • Preamble: The Department of P.G. Studies in Computer Science, Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya (Auto.), Jabalpur has developed robust and forward-looking strategic plans over the past year. Since the strategic planning effort was initiated, there have been considerable developments at the University on strategic planning. There is also a desire to establish institutional priorities of college where focus is placed on creating new opportunities for education that are aligned with global challenges and mesh with University priorities. It is equally important to maintain the flexibility of supporting individual and small-group initiatives as the college has done in the past.
  1. Objective (In terms of Educational & career outcome):
  2. Provide advanced technology of web technology to our trainee student.
  3. Continuous Associate with industry in developing curriculum and delivery of content.
  4. Supporting students to establish themselves as effective professionals by solving real problems through the use of computer science knowledge and with attention to team work, effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  5. Programme description: “Certificate course in Web designing and development”.


  1. Student Minimum Qualification: Students pursuing B.C.A II year, B.C.A V SEM, B.Com V SEM (CA), B.Sc. II year (CS), B.Sc. V SEM (CS) and M.Sc. III SEM (CS) can enrol for this course.
  2. Duration of course: 3 Months (3 Day in Week).
  3. Cycle of Admission with dates: 1st Batch

       Admission:   1-15 August 2018

       Classes Started: 16 August 2018

       Exam Conducted: December 2018

  1. Fees structure:
  2. 1500/- course fee per student. b. 500/- exam fee per student.
  3. Study pattern:

Theory Session:    3days in week for one hour.

Practical Session: 3days in week for one hour.

  1. Pattern of examination and evaluation:
  2. Student shall be access one theory paper and one practical examination .Marking scheme distribution would be as under.

    Theory –Maximum Marks: 100       Min: 40

       Practical- Maximum Marks:  100     Min: 50

  1. A candidate will be required to submit one typed copy project work in the department for the  valuation according to the date notified by the head of department .The project report shall be evaluated in the department by both internal and external examiner appointed by the college as in the ace of practical examination.
  2.   Grading and certificate:
  3. 1. Marks distribution
  4. Project report evaluation External examiner                80 marks
  5. Internal Assessment          10  marks
  6. Viva –Voce                                       10 marks
  7. For successful completion the candidate will be required to obtain a minimum of 40% marks in theory paper, internal assessment and 50%marks in practical examination.
91-100 marks

81-90 marks

71-80 marks

61-70 marks

51-60 marks

41-50 marks

39-40 marks

1.      Grade A+

2.      Grade A

3.      Grade B+

4.      Grade B

5.      Grade C+

6.      Grade C

7.       Grade D

  1. The classification of examinees after having passed in this certificate course shall only be made by grading system as follow:

Pattern of revaluation: Again arranging the exam as per the law of UGC and Higher education.


  1. Financial resources and instructional facilities:

Financial resources:

Project Coordinator (Trainer) 6,000/-
Assistant Coordinator (Trainer) 4,000/-
Peon 2,50/-
Stationary/Printer/ Certificate/Other 3,000
Total 12,250/-


Revenue for institution =46,750/-.


Software required: Visual studio 2010, Notepad ++, Adobe Photoshop CS Version, Windows 7 operating system, Internet connection, Dot framework 4.0.


  1. Syllabus prescribed for certificate / diploma / Degree in the Department of Computer Science

Academic session 2018- 2019. And onwards

(Approved by BOS dated……………….. and by Academic Council meeting dated………………)



Web Designing and Development

Designing –

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java Script
  • Photoshop
  • Logo
  • Fevi-Icon
  • Slider (JQuery)
  • Flash

Platform – ASP.Net, Introduction, Working, IDE

Framework – .Net, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5

Language- Concept of OOPs and C#

Development –

  • Live Project DEMO
  • NET Control
  • Plesk

Promotion Tools –

  • SEO, SMO, Google, Google AdWordsd




Practical List


  1. Write HTML Code for following output-








  1. Designing form with CSS Slider- 3 images (rotes).





  1. Write HTML Code for Generate Alert Box and Prompt Box.







  1. Create Signup page and apply- Expression Validation, Compare to Validate, and required Field Validation and sore details on data base table.
  2. Designing and C# code for User Login and Exist with session.
  3. Write code for upload image and show in Data Grid View Control.
  4. Designing form for products after approval  display on grid view.
  5. Write the steps for apply Google map on website.
  6. How to Link Social Media Page link on Webpage.
  7. Write code for city and state where state vise city display.


Project Module Guideline:

  1. Every student must be create project.
  2. Project should be on live module.