Mrs. Namrata Sharma

Mrs Namrata Sharma


Area:                                                         Enzymology

Qualification                                             M.Sc.  Biochemistry

Contact:                                                    9425866718

Email                                                         [email protected]

Brief Profile: Teaching experience of 13 years in U.G. and P. G. Qualified GATE-2002, Completed two minor research projects, members of various boards of studies and Committees in Jabalpur, Academic Counselor in IGNOU, Guided dissertations students.




·         Minor research project entitled “Comparative studies on proteases isolated from soil microflora and their characterization as a laundry agent,” sanctioned by U.G.C. (2008-2010) F No.MS-16/106045/ /CRO.

·         Minor research project entitled “Comparative evaluation of alkaline protease by native isolate of Aspergillus terreus in submerged and solid state fermentation” sanctioned by U.G.C. (2012-2014) F No MS-70/106045/11-12/CRO.



1.      Protease production from soil microflora under the influence of various protein substrates and carbon sources. Namrata Sharma and Taseen Shaikh. Indian J. TropBiodiv. 17(1):71-76(2009). ISSN: 0971-4642, NAAS rating- 2.5.

  1. Qualitative assessment of physical factors and protease inhibitors on proteolytic activity of Aspergillus isolated from soil. Namrata Sharma et al. Indian J. Trop. Biodiv17(2):237-240(2009), ISSN : 0971-4642 ,NAAS rating- 2.5.

  2. Influence of various metal ions on activity of crude extracellular protease from Aspergillus(isolate # 10). Namrata Sharma and Surabhi Saretha. Life Science Bulletin ,6(3)2009:379-381,ISSN-NAAS rating-3.1.

  3. Kinetic properties of an alkaline protease from Aspergillus flavus (link) JBPSI-4. Namrata Sharma and Kantishree De. Indian J. Trop. Biodiv. 19(1):137-140(2011),ISSN-0971-4642:, NAAS rating-2.5.

5.      Immobilization of fungal protease using calcium alginate beads. Namrata Sharma, Sapna Rai and Sanchali Padhye.MATS Journal of Engineering and Applied Science Vol. 2, Issue 2, Jun.-2016, pp 17-19 ISSN-2394-0549.

6.      Screening of potential α-amylase producers from the soil. Sanchali Padhye, Sapna Rai and Namrata Sharma .MATS Journal of Engineering and Applied Science Vol. 2, Issue 2, Jun.-2016, pp 20-25 ISSN -2394-0549.


  1. Production, purification and crystallization of an alkaline protease from Aspergillus tamarii[EF661565.1]. Namrata Sharma and Kantishree De. Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America,2(7):1135-1142(2011), ISSN(P)-2151-7517, ISSN(O)-2151-7525. Impact factor IC value-5.2.

  2. An extracellular alkaline protease from locally isolated mould Aspergillus niger JBPSI-1: Purification and characterization. Namrata Sharma and Kantishree DE. International Journal of Biology, Pharmacy and Allied Sciences, 1(8):1109-1116,2012, ISSN-2277-4998, Impact factor SJIF-3.89.

  3. Nitrate uptake and nitrite efflux in wild type and Li+-R and Na+-R strains of Spirulina platensis under different nitrogen concentration and light – dark condition. Namrata Sharma et alAgriculture and Biology Journal of North America,3(2):77-81(2012 ISSN(P)-2151-7517, ISSN(O)-2151-7525. Impact factor IC value-5.2.

  4. Alkaline protease production by solid state fermentation of mustard oil cake. Namrata Sharma. IOSR Journal of Pharmacy,2(5):35-40,2012,ISSN-2250-3013, Impact factor-1.45.

  5. Kinetic study of free and immobilized protease from Aspergillus sp. Namrata Sharma and Shweta Tripathi. IOSR Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences, 7(2):86-96,2013,ISSN:2278-3008,p -ISSN:2319-7676.


1.      Effect of surfactants on crude protease activity by Aspergillus sp. Isolated from soil. National Seminar Proceeding Current Trends In The Field Of Biodiversity And Sustainable Use Of Natural Resources p 49-51MGMM.


1.     Chapter in book on ICITMR-2014 -Multidisciplinary Studies -Engagement with Science and Technology entitled, Protease production by Aspergillus terreus using groundnut shell substrate under solid substrate fermentation.



Conference (attended):

1        National Conference entitled “Developmental Exploitation of microbial systems for mankind”. in the Department of Microbiology on 27th & 28th April 2012 at Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jabalpur, sponsored by UGC.

2        National conference on “Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences, Emphasis on Healthy Life” at 21st-22nd Sep 2012, organized by ITM GOI and ITM University, Gwalior.

3        National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Chemistry”, 29th -30thDecember 2012 at Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jabalpur, sponsored by UGC.

4        National conference on Emerging Trends in Biological Sciences held on 6-7 Feb 2015, organized by Deptt. Of Biotechnology and Biochemistry, Career College,Bhopal(MP).

5        International Conference on Innovative Technologies in Driven by Multidisciplinary Research, 5th -6th July, 2014 at Jabalpur, organized by GJMA and MGMM.

6        International conference on Emerging trends in Information Technology, Impact on Environment and Society for Growth, organized by ICETST-14 by AISECT University, Bhopal.



  1. International symposium on “Microbial Diversity:Opportunities, Challenges and Relevance in New Millenium, held on  19th-21st November 2004, organized by SBAM, Deptt. Of Biological Sciences, RDVV, Jabalpur.

  2. National symposium on Plant pathogens: Exploitations and management and 59th Annual meeting of Indian Phytopathological Society.16-18th January 2007 at R.D.V.V.Jabalpur.

  3.  MICROTECH -2007, 19th November 2007 organized by SBAM Dept. of Biological Science R.D.V.V.Jabalpur.

  4. National symposium on “Contemporary trends in Life Science: Prospects & Challenges Ahead”, 16th -17th April 2008organized by Dept. of Botany & Microbiology at St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur.

  5. National seminar on Microbiology-Opportunities, Challenges and skills, organized by Deptt. Of Botany, D.N. Jain College, Jabalpur on 20-21st Feb 2009.

  6. National Seminar on Current trends in the Field of Biodiversity and sustainable use of Natural Resources, 16th -17thNovember 2009 at M.G.M.M. Jabalpur..

  7. National Seminar on “Current advances in Biosciences: Application in Health Environment and Agriculture’ 23rd -24thNovember 2010 at Hitkarini Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jabalpur.

  8. Madhya Pradesh Mahila Vigyan Sammelan 18th -19th. December 2010, at MGMM, Jabalpur (M.P.).

  9. National seminar on Green Chemistry organized by Deptt. Of Chemistry, Govt. Auto. P.G. College,Chhindwada, 0n 22nd-23rd March 2013.

  10. National Seminar on Frontiers in Modern Biology: From Discovery to Applications 6th -7th September 2013 organized by Dept. of Botany & Microbiology at St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur.

  11. National Seminar on “Recent trends on thrust areas of life Sciences” on 23rd -24th Jan 2015 at Guru Tegbahadur Khalsa College, Jabalpur.

  12. National seminar on Environment Conservation: Challenges and Remedies, on 19-20th March 2015, at Govt. Model Science College(Auto.).

  13. International seminar on Emerging trends in Information Technology and Applied Science organized by School of Information Technology and Life Sciences, held at MATS University, Raipur, on 28-30th March 2015.


1.      Workshop organized by GENEI Banglore at Govt. Autonomous MH Collegeof Home Science and Science for Women , held on 29-30th April 2004.

2.      Orientation Programme cum workshop on”Innovative Experiments in Physics” Organized by Vigyan Prasar and Vigyan Parishad at MGMM, Jabalpur.14th -16th Oct. 2006.

3.      National workshop on” Basic and Applied Techniques in Chemistry” held on 5-7th Nov. 2012, organized by St. Aloysius College Jabalpur.

4.      National Workshop on” Developing Horizons in Microbiological Tool & Techniques” 20th -21st February 2013.

5.      Regional workshop on “Nuclear Energy Awareness” Organized by Vigyan Prasar and Vigyan Parishad and MGMM, Jabalpur  on 16th May 2013.

6.      National workshop on” Rashtriya Sewa Yojna – Naye Aayam aur Nai Dishayen” held on 28-29 Oct. 2013, at G.S. College, Jabalpur.

7.      National workshop on ‘Hands on training in immunological techniques” 3rd to 9th    Feb 2014 MGMM, Jabalpur.

8.      National workshop on “Intellectual Property rights” organized by Hitkarini College of Engineering and Technology, Jabalpur, on 25th Feb 2014.

9.      National workshop on” Science and Technology Communication and Popularizatio”, held on 21-27th Sep 2014, organized by Maghakoshal Vigyan Parishad and Govt. Model Science College, Jabalpur.

10.  National workshop on ‘Techniques in Life Sciences in Socio-Economic Development of Mankind” 22nd to 28th   Dec 2014Govt P. G. College Narsinghpur.

11.  National workshop on” Media and Science Communication” on 29th Dec.2016, organized by MPCST,Bhopal  and Deptt of Communication Studies and Research RDVV, Jabalpur.