Certificate Course in Hydroponics

Certificate Course in Hydroponics

Course Title: Certificate on Hydroponics

Duration: Three Months

Offered By: Department of Biotechnology

Eligibility: 12th Passed students can join this course.The candidate must obtain 40% of the total marks in theory and practical separately to pass the course.

Concept: Hydroponics is one of the best methods of soilless agriculture through which plants are grown using mineral nutrient solutions in water, without soil. Many commodity crops like tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cucumber and cabbage have been successfully cultivated through hydroponics, and it is well-accepted in many markets. The theory behind the method is that the soil is only a mineral nutrient reservoir and hence, it is not very essential to plant growth. The mineral nutrient can be introduced into a plant’s water supply artificially which is then readily absorbed by the plant’s root. The concept of hydroponics is significant in today’s world as it contributes to the growing concern for steadier food supply, as well as the reduction of suitable arable land for agriculture. Hydroponic gardening is fast becoming a popular choice for many growers around the world due to its more sustainable approach to resource usage than the usual growing methods. It is an emerging technology; the Hydroponics has a great impact on both agriculture and industry, through providing plants needed to meet the ever increasing world demand. It has made significant contributions to the advancement of agricultural sciences in recent times and today they constitute an indispensable tool in modern agriculture. After completion of this course, the students will acquire basic knowledge about the fundamental aspects of Hydroponics.

Curriculum :The programme is based on enhancing knowledge on growing plants without soil.Varous plants like lettuce, cucumber, karela, barabtti, moong, tomatoes, brinjal, gilki, capsicum and lettuce lolarosa were germinated successfully by the students. Hydroponics garden has been designed in college for large production of some vegetable crops and medicinal plants.The course helps to carry -out the project required for the partial fulfillment of B.Sc and M.Sc degree.

Course structure: This subject has 24 lessons, each requiring about 2-3 hours of study:
Programme Co-ordinator

Dr. Shyamji Shukla

Department of Biotechnology