Certificate of Learning Computer Typing

Certificate of Learning Computer Typing

Programme Objective

  • To provide skill to students on tasks like office work and self employment.
  • To provide basic knowledge of computer.
  • Provide knowledge of computer hardware and software.


The vision of this certificate course to provide computer literacy students of the college. Vision is to train and develop the students about the course and enhance employability.


  1. 1. Proficiency in computer typing.
  2. 2. To make the students aware of the importance of computer literacy and work.
  3. 3. To develop personality behavior and work habits appropriate to the requirements of the job.

Duration and cycle of admission

  1. Duration of the course– Four Months
  2. Cycle of Admission
  3. Admission : 1st July to 30th
  4. Class schedule : 1st September to 30 November
  5. Examination : In the month of December.

Eligibility criteria – 12th passed in any steam.

Pattern of Examination and Evaluation

S.No Course Max.Marks Min. Marks
1 Theory 35 12
2 Internal assessment 15 5
3 Practical and viva-voice 50 17
Total Marks 100

Faculty quality

  1. Diploma in commercial practice
  2. Post graduate diploma in computer application.
  3. Stenography (Hindi and English)

Examination pattern:

1.Multiple choice questions.

2.Typing skill of English & Hindi

1.Multiple choice questions– This section will have 45 qustions from the syllabus that can be referred. All these questions shall be attempted in 75 minutes.

2.Typing Skill– This section will have paragraph to type in respective language.

Final Practical

Maximum marks-35

Computer Typing Test

Passage about 200 (Hindi),250(English) word. Duration of the test shall be 15 minutes.

Method of marking-

One mark shall be deducted for every four mistakes. Mistakes of all types- omissions, spelling Punctuations etc.

Viva-voce – Related to paper syllabus.

Note – Students can not apply for government on this basis of this certificate.


  • History of computer , Generation of computer-

  • Types of computer, Elements of computer, Input devices, Output devices, Word- pad, Formatting of Documents.

  • Practical on all topics covered under curriculum. Hindi /English Typing

  • Operation of keyboard, Function of keys, Practice matter/Letter on key board