We all are indeed facing unprecedent times.Covid 19 has changed the rhythm of our lives and unforeseeable ways and we all are working to adjust to new circumstances. At this time we must keep calm and maintain sense of perspective.We must remain together tight net and stand united as we all are facing challenges together.Today ,more than ever we must remind ourselves of our strengths and what we are capable of achieving. Now, it’s a time when each one of us must lead with self discipline,responsibility and resilience. Please be informed that we are very much concern about your well being and considering the same. We have formed a committee in the college who can help you in extending support that you require in this tough time.You can discuss your studies and health related issues with committee members.

The College caters to the diverse socio-economic and geographic backgrounds of the heterogeneous group of students. Counseling is provided in a mentor like role to the students, helping them to make personal and professional choices, setting career goals, progress in education levels, overcome complexes and also to harness the marginalized segments of SC/ST/OBC/Rural Students in to main stream student life of the College. Students and their parents/guardians can avail various types of counseling services at the College as elaborated below:

Pre Admission Counseling:

The College provides counseling related to academic choices during the admissions process to enable students to decide upon their course of study.

Academic Counseling is very helpful in motivating the slow learners towards better academic performance by helping them to get over constraints at personal or college level.

Personal Counseling is imparted by the Teacher mentors/Women Cell / specially invited counselors as the case may require.

Career Counseling Sessions are organized in groups regularly and one to one, when requested for.

Pre placement Counseling prepares the students mentally and helps in right choice of Companies/Job avenues.

Post Placement Counseling is conducted to prepare the student mentally for joining by discussing profile, nature of job etc.

Counseling for Setting up Entrepreneurial Venture is conducted for students who are interested in self employment.

Counseling to Parents is an important part of Parent Teacher Meetings, and also scheduled on request.

For Scheduling a Counseling Session, please contact:

Mail ID :


Dr. Gita Gulati +91 9893583341
Faculty Incharge