Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya was founded by Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society, Jabalpur, in an epoch of revolutionary changes with the purpose of having an institution at tertiary level which would impart quality education to women. With this selfless ambition, within the broader framework of the Higher Education Policies of the nation which stress upon women empowerment, inclusion of marginalized segments of society into main stream education, and, fostering global traits in the youth, the following mission and vision statements were adopted by the college. The college is dedicated in letter and spirit to women empowerment, and, through it, nation building.


"Truth is high, and higher then truth is truthful life."


Transforming lives of young Women from all communities by fostering intellect, creativity and character through student centered comprehensive learning.


We at Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya ,earnestly direct all our efforts to create and facilitate an academic atmosphere, an environment of knowledge, research, skills, self-reliance and humanitarianism for the young girls of society, moulding their characters positively; imperative to build up a better world for tomorrow.