Few faculty members of  Mata Gujri  Mahila Mahavidyalaya extend  their expertise and knowledge to academia in particular and society at large in every possible way in the form of consultancy.

Sl. No. Name of the Department providing Consultancy Area / Domain
1 Department of Biotechnology Enzymology and Fungal Biotechnology
2 Department of Biotechnology Hydroponics
1 Department of Botany Mushroom cultivation/Organic farming
2 Department of Botany Plant and Microbial culture identification.
6 Department of Chemistry Food Adulteration
7 Department of Chemistry Food Preservation
10 Department of Computer Science Software and Website development.
11 Department of Drawing and Painting Painting and Textile printing.
9 Department of Education  Educational & Soft Skills Vocational guidance.
5 Department of Mathematics Matlab, Latex, Statistical Analysis
3 Department of Microbiology Water Contamination
4 Department of Microbiology  Hi-Tech research analysis using PCR ,HPLC, Gel documentation , spectrophotometer.
8 Department of Zoology Public Facility Lab ( Anemia Profile, Bone Density, Blood sugar level etc)


Any person seeking consultancy can fill the form and mail us at [email protected]

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