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Dr. Sunita Soni

Dr. Sunita Soni

Associate Professor and Head

Dr. Kulwant Kaur Ahluwalia

Dr. Kulwant Kaur Ahluwalia

Associate Professor

Mrs. Sushma Jhinge

Mrs. Sushma Jhinge

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Kalpana Mishra

Mrs. Kalpana Mishra

Mrs. Sheetal Yadav

Mrs. Sheetal Yadav

Assistant Professor

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Programme Outcomes

Programme Outcome for an undergraduate program outlines the broad competencies and learning goals that students are expected to achieve by the end of their degree, guiding their academic and professional development.

Programme Specific Outcomes

Programme Specific Outcome for an undergraduate program defines the specialized competencies and skills tailored to the particular academic discipline, guiding students towards mastery in their chosen field of study.

Course Outcomes

Course Outcomes for an undergraduate program specify the specific knowledge, skills, and competencies students are expected to gain from individual courses, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


Research Initiatives→


Research Areas: Special Function, Functional Analysis, Advanced Functional Analysis.


Projects: 3


  • S.No.








Foil No.





















A Study on Spline Functions and their Applications to Computer Aided Designing and Computer Graphics









Dr. Reenu Sharma















Shape Preserving Spline Curves, Surfaces and their Applications







Mrs. Urvashi Mishra












jan 2015- july 2016





A Study on Geometric modeling by Trigonometric Splines And their Applications to Computer aided Geometric designing











Dr. Reenu Sharma














  • International: 42
  • National: 11

Book Published:

  1. Dr. Reenu Sharma Published the book “Geometric Modeling of Curves and Surfaces in Computer Graphics “from Lambert Academic Press, Germany with ISBN No 9786202009478.





2. Mrs. Urvashi Mishra published a book entitled,  “Application of Spline Curves in Geometric  Presentation”,  from LAP LAMBERT Academic  Publishing , ISBN-13: 978-613-8-38780-0, ISBN-10: 6138387805, EAN:9786138387800, Dated: 22/06/2018. 




 3. Dr. Urvashi Mishra published a book on “Geometric Modelling By Spline Curves and their Applications in Computer Aided Geometric Design” Kindle Edition, July 2021, ISBN : 978-93-91539-05-4, Publisher ‏ : ‎ Blue Hill Publications (11 August 2021), 












Name of faculty

Title of the chapter

Title of the Book and year of publishing, page no:  &   ISBN no:

Dr. Urvashi Mishra


A study on Trigonometric spline functions, curves and their applications in CAGD”


Multidisciplinary Edited Book Dynamic Ideas, ISBN: 978-93-91333-16-4, July 2021


Dr. Urvashi Mishra


Different trigonometric spline curves and their applications


 Multidisciplinary Edited Book Titled "Fusion of Research Thoughts" ISBN: 978-93-5473-562-2 in July 2021.

 Dr. Urvashi Mishra


Spline Curves  and their Applications


 Multidisciplinary Subjects For Research-I, Aug 2020 with ISBN: 978-1-71695-4795 Collaboration with Redshine Publication, Lunawada (Gujarat)

Dr. Urvashi Mishra


spline with rational bases and applications”


conference proceedings with ISBN no. 978-93-5407-331-1  in two days international e-conference on advances in information technologies, business management and ecommerce organized by the Quaide Milleth College Association with IQAC Chennai held on 4-5 July 2020

 Dr. Kulwant Kaur


Role of  IOT in Modern Healthcare: An Overview


book Joy of Engineering & Management Published by Rock Pigeon Publication with ISBN-  978-93—87507-21-0 on July 2020

 Mrs. Sheetal Yadav


Digital Transformation: Mathematical Models in the Age of Big Data and AI


The edited book on Recent Development in India @2024 bearing ISBN “978-81-19820-50-4” in January 2024 from CHYREN publication.


Facilities for the students→


  • The Department is flourishing with full-fledged library, devoted faculty and enthusiastic students. 
  • Access to course materials, lecture notes, and supplementary resources through the department's Moodle platform (MGLMS)
  • The facilities provided to the students encourage them to indulge in research activities, personal development and boost the moral.
  • Industry partnerships providing access to real-world projects and internships
  • Internship and co-op programs offering valuable professional experience and networking opportunities.
  • Academic advising and counseling services to support students' educational and career goals
  • Workshops and seminars on study skills, time management, and career development.
  • Student organizations and clubs for networking, leadership development, and extracurricular involvement. 
  • Internship, Remedial Classes, Career Counselling, Competitive exam Classes.


Recent Activities of the Department →


  1. Mathematics Day Celebration on 22/12/2023.
  2. Symposium on “Advances in Mathematics” on 14/10/2023.
  3. Certificate Course on “Basics of Mathematics” Duration of the course was 30 hours with 16 sessions.
  4. Bridge course in “Basics of Statistics” from 08/09/2023 to 15/09/2023.