Welcome to the Girls' Common Room 


Step into the Girls' Common Room, a cozy retreat exclusively for the girls of Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya. Nestled within our campus, this inviting space offers a dedicated area where female students can unwind, connect, and recharge.




  • Comfortable Seating: Sink into plush armchairs and sofas, perfect for relaxing between classes or engaging in lively conversations with friends.


  • Community Atmosphere: Whether you're studying solo or chatting with peers, the common room fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among female students.


  • Versatile Space: From quiet reading sessions to group study sessions, the sitting area accommodates various activities, allowing you to personalize your experience.




  • Respect: Please respect the shared space and fellow students by maintaining a considerate and welcoming environment.


  • Inclusivity: All female-identifying students are welcome to enjoy the amenities of the common room, fostering diversity and inclusivity within our college community.



You can find the Girls' Common Room conveniently located besides cafeteria.


Join Us: 

We invite you to make the Girls' Common Room your home away from home. Whether you seek solace in quiet reflection or seek companionship in shared moments, this space is yours to enjoy.