Women Cell

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women”.

Kofi Annan

Cell, MGMM Women's Cell was founded in 2000 and finds its real strength in starting conversations about a wide range of topics, including the psychological and spiritual problems of self-discovery, ignorant compliance, the power structures of patriarchy, and the urgent social issues of sexual harassment, abusive intimate relationships, and domestic violence.

The Women's Cell serves to empower students and provide support when needed, in accordance with the University Grant Commission's 2015 Regulation on the Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students in Higher Educational Institutions. It is one of the active extracurricular groups at our college. All female students, female instructors, and other staff members on campus are under the protection of the Women's Cell. 


The Women's Cell at our girls' college aims to create a supportive, inclusive environment where young women can thrive academically, socially, and personally. It fosters a culture of respect, gender equality, and personal growth, inspiring leadership, resilience, and self-confidence.


Women's Cell is committed to creating a supportive, growth-oriented, and empowered atmosphere. Our main goals are to promote gender equality, raise awareness of women's rights, and offer a forum for candid conversation. Our goal is to help young women develop resilience, confidence, and the knowledge and abilities to overcome any obstacles they may face. The Women's Cell is dedicated to fostering an environment on campus that values diversity, fosters leadership, and motivates every woman to reach her greatest potential.


  • To create awareness amongst students about the problems faced by women of all strata due to gender issues.

  • To create awareness amongst students about the problems faced by working women.

  • To create awareness amongst students about the issues related to the youth and girls in particular.

  • To disseminate knowledge about rights and laws related to the women.

  • To enhance the self-esteem and self-confidence of girl students, women faculty and staff in the college.

  • To make students aware of Gender Equity.

  • To help students to change their mindset and attitudes towards life in terms of Women. 


The Ministry of Women and Child Development has issued Guidelines for engagement of Gender Champions by schools and colleges across the country.

Gender Champions are envisaged as responsible leaders who will facilitate an enabling environment within their schools/colleges/academic institutions where girls are treated with dignity and respect. Gender Champions can be both boys and girls above 16 years of age enrolled in educational institutions. They will strengthen the potential of young girls and boys to advocate for gender equality and monitor progress towards gender justice.

The broad mandate of Gender Champions is to provide an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to understanding the social and cultural constructs of gender that shape the experiences of women and men in society. The aim is to make young boys and girls gender sensitive and create positive social norms that value the girls and their rights.

Under the scheme, Gender Champions are identified by a Screening Committee formed by the Principal. A formal training programme is organized to equip and empower the Gender Champions. At the end of each quarter, Gender Champions are required to submit a report to the nodal teachers, on the implementation of activities related to gender equity.

In adherence to the guidelines, the college has selected students as Gender Champions and nodal teachers.








Mrs. Prabha Paharia - 94258-28882    
Faculty  In charge     
Assistant professor Dept. Of Sociology