Department of English

The Department of English laid its foundation in the year 1997. Since its inception it has been our mission to provide our students a wider outlook into English Language. Our faculty is committed to an Interdisciplinary approach to knowledge. The English Department encourages the students to understand that learning is a lifelong process which involves an individual’s experiences, motivation and readiness to learn. The Department believes and hopes that studying English; both Literature and Language; will enable the students to become more open minded, sound decision maker and will develop a self esteem to become more independent to design and have a great control of their lives.

Our ideology is to impart knowledge and awareness of various cultures, and the students are able to stimulate creative, productive participation, and attain the ability to read and understand analytically, think critically and write effectively.

The Department teaches English to students of all branches including those in the Science, Commerce, Arts and Computers.

Besides tutoring students, the department conducts various activities like Film Screening, Dramas enactment, educational trips which provide students with additional cultural exposure. Also we have a Book Club in which students get opportunity to improve their Speech skills through reading sessions, pop quizzes, reading games; with the help of which the students develop the taste for various  genres and books, also the students are exposed to new vocabulary which helps them in improving their fluency in speech and get the right expression of reading.

Department offers courses–

Undergraduate Studies- BA (English Literature)

Post-Graduate Studies-  MA (English Literature)

Certificate Courses- French Language

Facilities Provided by the Department-

  • Language lab

  • Departmental Library with 150+ books

  • Book Club- Book Club is a wonderful way for students to become good readers, and also creating a habit of reading.


Undergraduate Studies-

B.A (English Literature) is a three year programme designed to provide the students an overview of English Literature and Language, which helps them to pursue careers in various fields like journalism, teaching, mass communication etc.

Post Graduate Studies-

MA (English Literature) is a two year programme which focuses on more detailed study of Literature. It helps the students to develop a habit of thorough researches for future purposes. Also this programme discusses Literary Criticism and have an advanced level paper for Linguistics; which provides closer acquaintance with Phonetics, writing skills etc. which helps in improving the speech of the students as they are introduced with the correct pronounciation and sounds of words and letters. Also it opens career opportunities in Radio, Television, Journalism etc; apart from teaching.

Certificate Courses-

French Language- Our college also provides Certificate Course in French Language. In this course in the students are introduced to French Language and very basic expressions, alphabets and grammar. Knowing French Language, opens up opportunities at Universities, Business schools; not only in India but round the globe. Also a good level of French language can help the student to enroll in Government sectors too; like in embassies and as an Interpreter.


Language Lab-

Language Lab offers a new age Modern Language teaching technique. It provides students to an audio and audio-video learning aid through the well-equipped PCs which are programmed with Modern techniques to teach and help learn English Language.

Departmental Library-

Other than the main library, the department has its own library with upto 150 and more books; for the academic purposes of students.

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